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About The Scientific Laboratories Alliance Company SLA was founded on 2016 as CID (I-Gen) in San Francisco as first international genomic company incubated in illumine accelerator with JV (Illumina USA). I-Gen is the first of its kind genomics cancer testing provider in Saudi Arabia with cost effective and tailored testing services for its unique populatio SLA established In 2017 in Riyadh, Formed as Private Limited Company Invest meted capital: 1.5 million SA In 2019 SLA acquired I-Gen in Saudi Arabia...

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I-Gen Tests Laboratory tests and analysis

First and only local, next generation clinical...

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Consultation & Training

SLA with I-Gen offers offering education, training,...

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SLA trading and referral services

SLA provides referral services connecting international laboratories...

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Scientific Laboratories Alliance Co Ltd

First and only local, next generation clinical cancer genomics lab in Saudi Arabia In partnership with our customers, weSLA and IGEN aim to transform genomic healthcare cancer diagnostic testing into routine clinical practice sequencing