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About us

About The Scientific Laboratories Alliance Company

SLA was founded on 2016 as CID (I-Gen) in San Francisco as first international genomic company incubated in illumine accelerator with JV (Illumina USA).

I-Gen is the first of its kind genomics cancer testing provider in Saudi Arabia with cost effective and tailored testing services for its unique populatio

SLA established In 2017 in Riyadh, Formed as Private Limited Company

Invest meted capital: 1.5 million SA

In 2019 SLA acquired I-Gen in Saudi Arabia

Together with I-Gen, which has the necessary expertise in Oncology, Pathology, Molecular Genetics, SLA the Company will provide a comprehensive solution for clinical cancer genomics.

       SLA , headquartered in Riyadh and has presence in Jeddah.


Improving people’s lives with our advanced services.


To be a regional leader in Molecular Diagnostic services by providing optimal health across the lifespan for the populations we serve.

Core Values


             The quality we provide our clients and patients is based upon ensuring the appropriateness of each test and service we provide, and the delivery of these tests and services in a way that consistently meets expectations and requirements.


                Our unwavering commitment to conduct medical and business practices with the highest ethical standards, respect for others.


                We recognize that we are here to serve others; the best way to serve is through understanding our clients’ and patients’ needs and holding ourselves accountable to satisfying those needs with compassion and excellence.


                With our collective knowledge and our passion for learning, we are dedicated to creating and nurturing an environment of professional development and continuous improvement.


            We encourage ourselves to take responsibility and to be proactive in the identification, recommendation, and execution of improvements in the delivery of products and services to our clients for the creation of unsurpassed care to patients.